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[Xen-users] XCP and XenCenter License Expiration Annoyance

A few months ago Rob Hoe (citrix) posted this response to the list:

You should ignore whatever XenCenter says about licenses when using it for XCP. The expiry date has no effect, is not enforced and won't cause any harm to your VMs.

Although it's true that the expiry date has no effect on VM functionality it makes XenCenter almost unusable given the constant expiration pop up notifications. Does anyone know if there's anyway to stop those messages? At this point there just are no viable alternatives to using XenCenter to manage an XCP based pool. At the OpenStack conference last week I saw (in the Quantum talk) that RackSpace is using XenCenter to help them manage their Xen based cloud. But, I suspect they're running Xen 5.6 free vs. XCP 1.0 since I didn't see any license expirations warnings pop up in the demo.


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