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Re: [Xen-users] DRBD, Xen, HVM and live migration


Using the DRBD VBD backend over simply using PHY has one main advantage.

If you are using drbd: you don't need to have the system contstantly
in dual-primary mode, which can cause data corruption and increases
the chances of a split brain event occuring in a network segregation
If you are fine using allow-dual-primary and become-primary-on: both
then it no longer makes any difference.


On 11 May 2011 01:05, Bart Coninckx <bart.coninckx@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Hi,
> I want to combine all the above mentioned technologies.
> The Linbit pages warn not to use the drbd: VBD with HVM DomUs.
> This page however:
> http://publications.jbfavre.org/virtualisation/cluster-xen-corosync-pacemaker-drbd-ocfs2.en
> (thank you Jean), simply puts two DRBD devices in dual primary mode and
> starts Xen DomUs while pointing to the DRBD devices with phy: in the DomU
> config files.
> Live migration and HVM seem possible.
> Is it as simple as Jean describes it? What is the advantage then of the
> drbd: VBD? Just seeing to it that the dual primary is available?
> Thx!
> B.
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