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[Xen-users] New to Xen Community - Need help configuring


I am new to the world of Xen, Hypervisor & Virutalization. 

Our business demands to have a multiple Windows XP OS run as Guest OS on XEN platform, to reduce the hardware footprint we have.

This business demand being said, I was given a bare PC which have E6550 Intel processor which support virtualization at the processor level.

Now here are the questions I have,

1) Reading different articles pointed me that I need some OS as Dom0. Why so? Can't XEN itself act as a OS?

2) I believe lot of options are there to choose a Dom0. I like to take a Linux flavor as DOM0. Can you please point me to place where I can get bootable image(iso file) of a Linux?

3) Now where can I get step-by-step procedure to install Linux, XEN & Windows XP as guest OS?

4) Is my understanding on configuring XEN as given below is correct?
1) First I need to install a OS, which would act as Dom0
2) Install XEN on top of it
3) Configure XEN
        4) Install and configure guest operating systems ( Windows XP)
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