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RE: [Xen-users] disk devices are always /dev/xvdX

Fan, Huaxiang wrote:

We have some bash/python scripts hardcode /dev/sdb and /sys/block/sdb/size. udev rules can not change sysfs, right? Those scripts work on 2.6.18-xen domu, but when we migrate to domu, it seems we are reluctant to adjust those codes.

Oops. It's always a good idea to set values like that once at the top of a script, if not in a separate config file. With bash it's fairly easy to do :

  [ -r "${config} ] && . "${config} || <report an error>

It's even more important to do this if you have several separate scripts that woudl share common settings.

Never hard code them throughout the code or you find it causes maintenance problems down the road. It doesn't need Xen to change device names under you - some recent changes have meant hd* devices changing to sd* devices for example.

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