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[Xen-users] HVM - where is domU memory assigned from?


I have noticed that when I start a domU HVM I seem to be losing memory from the 
dom0 _and_ from Xen free_memory pool.  For example if I start an HVM domU with 
1024Mb (memory = 1024, maxmem=1024) then I get a qemu process in the dom0 of 
around 1112 Mb reported in top and the free_memory reported by xm info also 
decreases.  If I shutdown the domU then the qemu process ends and the xm info 
output shows an increase.  Is the memory for the domU being allocated twice on 
the system or does the dom0 allocation somehow map on to the memory controlled 
by Xen?  I'm pretty sure the memory is being allocated from dom0 because 
starting a number of similar HVM instances leads to a lot of swap activity.

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