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[Xen-users] Solving the DRBD resync issue (was: Alternatives to a dual-primary DRBD setup)

Hello once again,

the more I think about my DRBD issue and the more I research in the net the more I tend to explain the issue with limited CPU time for dom0. It will be better resolving _this_ instead of possibly reaching the same stage later on again but using another replication technique, wouldn't it?

Reasons why I think it is an I/O and/or CPU time issue:

1. It worked properly when I still did not have 8 virtual guest systems installed. 2. As soon as I start a DRBD resync my virtual guests bring kernel error messages like "INFO: task exim4:2336 blocked for more than 120 seconds. ". 3. When starting both Xenserver machines and syncing before starting the virtual guests a startup that's usually done in <5 minutes takes up to 60 minutes.

I checked the XenWiki accordingly and found two promising entries that I'd like to follow, if it's possible to apply them under a Citrix Xenserver 5.6 system:


1. How can I limit the number of vcpus my dom0 has?
2. Can I dedicate a cpu core (or cores) only for dom0?

Especially the 2nd one appears to meet what I expect. So I would be going to check if I can configure that. How do _you_ think about it?


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