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[Xen-users] General question - Sound and webcam - is that really works?


Just a general question: is that really possible to use an webcam and sound card in a Linux domU?

I have Xen source installed in a Centos 5 (not compiled by me, it's just the Centos package).

By the way, I'm a Gentoo user.

My computer is a laptop Dell Inspiron 1545.

My sound card: Intel HDA (snd_hda_intel module).

I have an external USB webcam Philips SPC-530NC that is absolutely compatible with UVC.

I'm trying to put pciback to work (since in default Centos installation it is a module - not kernel built-in).

And USB seems to be impossible to work (despite domU lspci shows the USB devices - after "send" pci ids to the domU).

My sound card, if I use soundhw domU option crash the kernel with some irq issues (the domU don't pass that point).

So, I simply would like to know if someone here put any webcam and soundcard to work in a Linux domU.


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