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Re: [Xen-users] CPU Usage

On 05/29/11 11:33, Jonathan Tripathy wrote:

> Also, I upgraded on of my Windows VMs to 2 vCPU, however windows still

> reports just 1. Is this because I need to install the GPLPV drivers?

If it's Windows 7:


otherwise I would check ACPI settings.

It's Windows server 2003 32-bit. I haven't installed any GPLPV drivers
(Should I?)

I checked in device manager on the DomU and it indeed shows the 2 CPU
"Intel Xeon CPU"
"Intel Xeon CPU"

(I've ommited the model and speed just to keep it simple)

However the task manager only shows one graph

Any Ideas?


If you disable "One graph per CPU" in the view options, you only see one graph, even with two cores.


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