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[Xen-devel] Linux 3.0-rc1 - what Xen components went in.

3.0-rc1 (2.6.40-rc1) is out and while in the past it took us all the way up to
rc7 to have it working under Xen, this is not case with this release!

And my VP summarized this event in this blog:

But if you want to get more technical:

Features that went in:
 - cleancache shim to Xen Transcendent Memory. In other words, you can use tmem
   (not yet in, but as an outside tree), or zcache (in the staging directory) to
   speed up your I/Os. Details on how to use it:

 - The usage of VM_IO to distinguish between pages that are "System RAM" or
   "PCI" is slowly going away. While it worked in the past it also brought us
   lots of bugs that took time to get right. The new mechanism, based on the P2M
   1-1 mapping bypasses the need for the VM_IO flag. Still have some more work..

 - Updates to the backend code so that Xen PCI backend can easily run against
   the kernel (Note: xen pciback has not yet been merged)

 - Lots of cleanups done in the general code and in the balloon code. The 
latter preps
   the code base for using the more generic memory hotplugging.

 - IRQ rework. In the past our IRQ code was bit of dance. We had to distinguish 
   the different types of interrupts (think edge vs level) coming from the Xen 
   Except that we weren't doing it cleanly and were overloading the chip 
functions that dealt
   with this and causing us to do do some extra hack^H^H^H fancy 
unmasking/masking. Gone!

 - Xen block backend. Yes, it is in!

 - Only four of them and they are also in the stable tree.

That is it... rc1 is starting and please report any bugs to the mailing list.

The shortlog is as follow:

Chris Lalancette (1):
      xen/blkback: Flush blkback data when connecting.

Dan Magenheimer (1):
      xen: cleancache shim to Xen Transcendent Memory

Daniel De Graaf (1):
      xen/gntdev,gntalloc: Remove unneeded VM flags

Daniel Kiper (13):
      xen/balloon: Use PageHighMem() for high memory page detection
      xen/balloon: Simplify HVM integration
      xen/balloon: Clarify credit calculation
      xen/balloon: Move dec_totalhigh_pages() from __balloon_append() to 
      xen/setup: Fix for incorrect xen_extra_mem_start initialization under 
      arch/x86/xen/irq: Cleanup code/data sections definitions
      arch/x86/xen/enlighten: Cleanup code/data sections definitions
      arch/x86/xen/setup: Cleanup code/data sections definitions
      arch/x86/xen/mmu: Cleanup code/data sections definitions
      arch/x86/xen/xen-ops: Cleanup code/data sections definitions
      arch/x86/xen/time: Cleanup code/data sections definitions
      arch/x86/xen/smp: Cleanup code/data sections definitions
      drivers/xen/sys-hypervisor: Cleanup code/data sections definitions

Eric Dumazet (1):
      xen: netfront: fix declaration order

Ian Campbell (6):
      xen: netfront: assume all hw features are available until backend 
connection setup
      Signed bit field; int have_hotplug_status_watch:1
      xen: rename blkbk module xen-blkback.
      xen: tidy up whitespace in drivers/xen/Makefile
      xen: netback: use __CONST_RING_SIZE not __RING_SIZE
      xen: netfront: hold RTNL when updating features.

Jan Beulich (2):
      xen/blkback: simplify address translations
      xen/blkback: don't fail empty barrier requests

Jeremy Fitzhardinge (14):
      xen/blkback: don't include xen/evtchn.h
      xen/blkback: deal with hardsect_size to logical_block_size rename
      xen/blkback: remove spurious debug output noise
      xen/blkback: little cleanups
      xen/blkback: use drv_get/set_drvdata rather than directly accessing 
      xen/blkback: add accessor for xenbus backend device
      xen: drop all the special iomap pte paths.
      xen: use mmu_update for xen_set_pte_at()
      xen: condense everything onto xen_set_pte
      xen: make a pile of mmu pvop functions static
      xen: use normal virt_to_machine for ptes
      xen/mmu: remove all ad-hoc stats stuff
      xen: fix compile without CONFIG_XEN_DEBUG_FS

John Stultz (1):
      x86: Convert remaining x86 clocksources to clocksource_register_hz/khz

K. Y. Srinivasan (3):
      xen/blkback: Propagate changed size of VBDs
      xen/blkback: Print additional information when a vbd is resized.

Keir Fraser (1):
      blkback: Fix CVE-2010-3699

Konrad Rzeszutek Wilk (68):
      xen/pci: Add xen_[find|register|unregister]_device_domain_owner functions.
      xen/irq: Check if the PCI device is owned by a domain different than 
      xen/irq: Add support to check if IRQ line is shared with other domains.
      xen/irq: Export 'xen_pirq_from_irq' function.
      xen/irq: The Xen hypervisor cleans up the PIRQs if the other domain 
      xen: add blkback support
      Fix compile warnings: ignoring return value of 'xenbus_register_backend' 
      xen/blkback: Replace WRITE_BARRIER with (REQ_FLUSH | REQ_FUA)
      xen/blkback: Update to use blkdev_get_by_dev instead of open_by_devnum.
      xen/blkback: Move global/static variables into struct xen_blkbk.
      xen/blkback: Union the blkif_request request specific fields
      xen/blkback: Use 'vzalloc' for page arrays and pre-allocate pages.
      xen/blkback: Utilize the M2P override mechanism for GNTMAP_host_map
      xen/blkback: Use kzalloc's, and GFP_KERNEL for data structures.
      xen/blkback: Add some comments.
      xen/blkback: blkif->struct blkif_st
      xen/blkback: Fix checkpatch warnings in vbd.c
      xen/blkback: Fix interface.c checkpatch warnings .. except
      xen/blkback: Fix checkpatch warnings of xenbus.c
      xen/blkback: Fix checkpatch warnings in blkback.c
      xen/blkback: remove per-queue plugging
      xen/blkback: Seperate the bio allocation and the bio submission.
      xen/blkback: Cleanup move the code a bit around.
      xen/blkback: Shuffle code around (vbd_translate moved higher).
      xen/blkback: Move the check for misaligned I/O higher.
      xen/blkback: Change fast_flush_area to xen_blkbk_unmap, and tweak 
      xen/p2m/m2p/gnttab: Support GNTMAP_host_map in the M2P override.
      xen/blkback: Move the check for misaligned I/O once more.
      xen/blkback: Get the 'requeust_queue' properly.
      block, xen/blkback: remove blk_[get|put]_queue calls.
      xen/blkback: Move it from drivers/xen to drivers/block
      xen/p2m: Add EXPORT_SYMBOL_GPL to the M2P override functions.
      xen/blkback: Squash vbd.c,interface.c in blkback.c and xenbus.c 
      xen-blkback: Remove from the copyright notice the address.
      xen-blkback: Inline some of the functions that were moved from 
      xen/blkback: Prefix exposed functions with xen_
      xen/blkback: Move the plugging/unplugging to a higher level.
      xen/blkback: Stick REQ_SYNC on WRITEs to deal with CFQ I/O scheduler.
      Revert "xen/blkback: Move the plugging/unplugging to a higher level."
      xen-blkfront: Provide for 'feature-flush-cache' the 
      xen/blkback: Add support for BLKIF_OP_FLUSH_DISKCACHE and drop 
      xen/blkback: Squash the checking for operation into dispatch_rw_block_io
      xen/blkback: Fix up some of the comments.
      xen/blkback: Fixed up comments and converted spaces to tabs.
      xen-blkfront: Provide for 'feature-flush-cache' the 
      xen-blkfront: Introduce BLKIF_OP_FLUSH_DISKCACHE support.
      xen/setup: Ignore E820_UNUSABLE when setting 1-1 mappings.
      xen/p2m: Create entries in the P2M_MFN trees's to track 1-1 mappings
      xen/blkback: Change printk/DPRINTK to pr_.. type variant.
      xen/blkback: Make the DPRINTK uniform.
      xen/blkback: Use the DRV_PFX in the pr_.. macros.
      xen/blkback: Removing the debug_lvl option.
      xen/blkback: Move blkif_get_x86_[32|64]_req to common.h in 
block/xen-blkback dir.
      xen/blkback: Fix spelling mistakes.
      xen/blkback: Flesh out the description in the Kconfig.
      xen/blkback: Fix checkpatch.pl warnings about more than 80 lines.
      xen/blkback: Checkpatch.pl recommend against multiple assigments.
      xen/blkback: Fixing some more of the cleanpatch.pl warnings.
      xen/blkback: Move include/xen/blkif.h into 
      xen/blkback: Remove the unused typedefs.
      xen/blkback: Change structure name blkif_st to xen_blkif.
      xen/blkback: Prefix 'vbd' with 'xen' in structs and functions.
      xen/blkback: Add the prefix XEN in the common.h.
      xen/blkback: if log_stats is enabled print out the data.
      xen/blkback: Align the tabs on the structure.
      xen/pci: Fix compiler error when CONFIG_XEN_PRIVILEGED_GUEST is not set.
      xen/p2m/m2p/gnttab: Support GNTMAP_host_map in the M2P override.
      xen/p2m: Add EXPORT_SYMBOL_GPL to the M2P override functions.

Laszlo Ersek (1):
      xen/blkback: fix xenbus_transaction_start() hang caused by double 

Marek Marczykowski (1):
      xen-blkfront: fix data size for xenbus_gather in blkfront_connect

MichaÅ MirosÅaw (3):
      net: convert xen-netfront to hw_features
      net: netxen: convert to hw_features
      net: xen-netback: convert to hw_features

Stefano Stabellini (1):
      xen: do not clear and mask evtchns in __xen_evtchn_do_upcall

Tian, Kevin (3):
      xen mmu: fix a race window causing leave_mm BUG()
      x86: Skip migrating IRQF_PER_CPU irqs in fixup_irqs()
      x86: Don't unmask disabled irqs when migrating them

Tom Goetz (1):
      xen/blkback: Fix the WRITE_BARRIER

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