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Re: [Xen-users] 4.0.1, Debian Squeeze, and p[yv]grub

At 20:28 +1200 1/6/11, Jan Bakuwel wrote:
On 01/06/11 03:45, Simon Hobson wrote:
 And I've also figured out that pygrub doesn't like there being
 multiple boot options in menu.lst. One kernel option and it works,
 more than one and it doesn't (it gives "Error: Boot loader didn't
 return any data!").

My systems disagree... happily having multiple boot options in menu.lst.

Well now I'm completely confused ! Yesterday I could only get this guest to boot if I only had one boot option in menu.lst. Tried it again this morning, expecting to reply "well it's definitely not working for me" and ... it's only gone and worked properly :-/

As far as I can remember, I haven't changed anything since I last tried and found it didn't work.

Very odd, but it's working now - I can even reboot the host and have the guest come up properly :-) Can start migrating my production stuff now.

NB - when installing grub-legacy, the version (1.98+20100804-14) in Debian Stable (Squeeze) has the bug that prevents it installing in the guest. Installing grub-common from Testing gets a newer version (1.99~rc1-13) where this is fixed.

Simon Hobson

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