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[Xen-users] User domain hangs

Hi there,
We have been experiencing occurrences of user domains hanging.  It has happened 
three times so far this year on the same VM.  The last time it occurred I 
noticed over 200k entries in the /var/log/xen/qemu-xxxxxxxxx.log of the 
following message :
track_dirty_vram(f0000000, 160) failed (-1, 22)
When the user domain hangs, you can still connect to the console via VNC but 
just get a static image.  There is no network access to the VM.
User domain is running Oracle 9.0.2 on Windows 2003 Enterprise Server R2 with 4 
VCPUs and 4 Gb RAM.  Domain 0 is running Xen 3.3.0 with Linux 2.6.24-28 on 
Ubuntu 8.04.4 LTS.  Hardware is a Dell PowerEdge R210 with a quad core Xeon 
X3450 and 8Gb RAM.
Can anyone shed any light on this problem?
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