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[Xen-users] Share config between servers

I've installed two physical servers with Debian 6, Xen 4 and drbd8.
I'm trying to do live migration, and seems to work (despite it's taking 1m30 to 
execute xm migrate, on a 100mbit link).
These are going to be managed by heartbeat, and there's something I cannot 
understand: I've created the VM using virt-manager, and it placed the config in 
/var/lib/xend/domains on the first dom0. This config is NOT replicated accross 
xen servers.

I'd like to know: is it possible to make Xen servers communicate and share VM 
Or should I place that dir on a shared location (drbd) between the two?

Lorenzo Milesi - lorenzo.milesi@xxxxxxxxxx

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