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Re: [Xen-users] Share config between servers

On 06/16/11 18:30, Lorenzo Milesi wrote:
if you don't have shared storage now, there is no way you are doing
migration. My guess is you are doing a plain migration and that is why
it takes this long.
DRBD is a cheap way to share storage and combine with Xen.

I have DRBD8 in active/active config. VM runs on drbd resources.
I also have a drbd+ocfs2 shared directory on both servers.

So I do have shared storage.
I guess, as Florian said, to place config files in this shared directory.

About migration, how do I undestand if I'm doing live or plain migration?

OK, nothing said then.

Personally I keep the config files seperately on the different servers and sync them by means of csync.

But you could have something like OCFS share them across your nodes.

Live migration or not: well if your vm keeps on being available doing migration, you're doing live migration :-)


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