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Re: AW: [Xen-users] IPv6 with Bridge Modus

Stefan Becker wrote:

This machine is a dedicated server of my ISP. I don't have a fix mac  for
the IPv6 address, only for IPv4. Is your solution ok for my problem?

That makes no sense - there is (normally) only one MAC address for a physical interface - and it will be the same for IPv4, IPv6, AppleTalk, DECnet, ... So whatever you do with the interface, all protocols will use the same MAC address - the cases where multiple MAC addresses are used are fairly uncommon and don't apply in your situation. A fixed address isn't essential, but it can make a few things a lot easier - DHCP being just one of them.

But to answer your question, it doesn't really matter what guest OS you use, or what your hosting setup is - in general you would use the OS specific tools to configure your guest networking. You may be provided with a DHCP service (or other configuration service for IPv6) but that's not really related to Xen or virtualisation in general.

In Debian (and it's derivatives) you'd edit /etc/network/interfaces and add an "iface <name> inet6 ..." entry, plus configure an IPv6 firewall, configure IPv6 services if needed*, and so on. * Many services will "just work" when you enable IPv6. I know Postfix has been happy for some time.

Simon Hobson

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