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[Xen-users] Win-PVDrivers Compilation - Check your timezone!

Hello James, list,
    I emailed you before regarding problems I had trying to compile
the drivers. Apparently a bug in stampinf causes it to use the local
time and date instead of UTC+0 during time-stamping (apparently all
time-stamps must be with respect to UTC). Depending on the timezone
and the time when the time-stamping occurs, that local date (not time)
may be in the future with respect to UTC. Hence inf2cat fails causing
the .cat files to not be generated and signtool complains about
"DriverVer set to the incorrect date" for the .inf files.
    I guess you should know this problem quite well since you first
reported it here: http://www.osronline.com/showthread.cfm?link=151398
. Is a fix available?

    Thus for the record, if anyone's compilation has the following symptoms:
        1. All the .cat files are not present/generated and the
signing script complains that they're missing:
SignTool Error: File not found: xenpci\objfre_wlh_AMD64\amd64\xenpci.cat

        2. The following error occurs while signing all the .inf files:
Signability test failed.
22.9.7: DriverVer set to incorrect date (postdated DriverVer not
allowed) in \xenusb.inf.  The current date (UTC) is 6/29/2011.

    Try setting the timezone to UTC and try again.


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