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[Xen-users] DomU kernel panic management


I am running a Debian Squeeze, Xen 4.0 system, with a Debian DomU that crashes almost every other day. Every time, the message is different, and I only see the last lines of the kernel panic on the console of the DomU. As you know, the kernel panic message are not shown in /var/log/xend/xend.log, or in other place on the DomO.

My question is: how can I log the messages from the console when a kernel panic happens (I have tried coredump-restart, but I cannot get the messages), and maybe insert a trigger somewere to send an email with an alert? Because when I am using coredump-restart, the server panics, and reboots almost instantly, so the problem cannot be detected fast enough by the monitoring system.



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