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Re: [Xen-users] Xen with DRBD, mount DRBD device / Filesystem type?

On 06/30/2011 01:48 PM, Mathias Anhalt wrote:
Hi everyone,

I´m using Citrix XenServer with DRBD. But something went really wrong,
so I need a fresh Install.My only question is, how can I mount the DRBD
partition? It is /dev/drbd1 , but if I try to mount it, I need to
provide the filesystem type. Does anyone know what I have to do? I only
need to copy some data from it, it doesn’t matter if it will be
destroyed. I tried GFS as filesystem type, but it says unknown. Or is it
possible to mount it without the DRBD device?


You need to setup DRBD again (at least on one side) so that it uses the same backing device as before (ie: /dev/md1). Once the DRBD resource is up (cat /proc/drbd -> Primary and UpToDate). This will recreate the /dev/drbd1 device which you can then mount as you did before.

If you want more specific help, you will need to provide the details of your setup.

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