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Re: [Xen-users] Re: Xen pci device #0

On 2 July 2011 02:07, Nick Couchman <Nick.Couchman@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Sorry, kind of late to this conversation, but a couple of things...
> 1) With regard to original question about the stray "Xen Pci Device 0",
> I see this exact same item in my Device Manager, but it's never been the
> source of any problems.

Yes it didn't bother me much either, but I suspect it may actually be
xenusb (since I don't see any xenusb related entries in device
manager) or something the driver isn't picking up.

> 2) For network performance, can you tell me if you have Checksum
> Offloading enabled on the network device in device manager?  Sorry,
> James, to keep on about this one, but in every Windows VM on any host in
> my environment I have to disable Checksum Offload and Large Send Offload
> to get decent performance.  The difference is quite incredible - I get
> sub-1Mb/s performance with them enabled, and anywhere from 300Mb/s and
> up with it disabled.

Nope, but I gave it a try after your suggestion, turned off "Checksum
Offload", "Large Send Offload" and "Scatter/Gather". Didn't solve my
100% utilisation problem, but it does show some slight ISP to VM speed
improvement ( but that's for the 1meg and 5meg files, too small to be
a fair measure).

Have you tried upgrading xen, Dom0 kernel and compiling your own PV drivers?

> -Nick
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