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Re: [Xen-users] Who is better .

Le 02/07/2011 00:29, Simon Hobson a écrit :
admin@xxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
It depends which guest OS you plan to run the most.  For example, Linux runs as a guest under both Xen and Hyper-V.  However, Linux guests run quite poorly under Hyper-V.  If you plan to run a lot of Linux guests, I would definitely encourage you to use Xen instead of Hyper-V.  If all of the guests will be Windows based, Hyper-V can be an excellent solution, though.

I'd concur with that. We use both at work, I use Xen for the Linux stuff, my manager uses Hyper-V for the Windows stuff. Hyper-V has the advantage for many that it has a nice GUI and you can randomly click options to configure it !

Wow! random clicking that make things works! Great!
Who needs a brain :)

When I hear what they are loading the machines up with, I get the impression that Hyper-V is a tad hungry - but that could just be that Windows tends to be quite hungry while my Linux boxes are generally fairly lean and doing different tasks.

One major difference is that with Xen and appropriate guests (eg Linux guests that run as PV), you don't need hardware virtualisation support. That's how I got three of my servers - cast offs that can't run Hyper-V because of the lack of that.

Mind you, I'll probably be firing up a Linux guest under Hyper-V shortly. This will be to go onsite at a customer where they already have Hyper-V running.


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