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Re: [Xen-users] Cannot use xm in Xen 4.1

On 7/1/11 6:28 PM, Stan Ioan wrote:
> Here are some logs obtained when booting in Dom0.
> Thanks

Hard to say whats the definitive cause for your problems.
This [1] seems suspicious The <some scsi stuff in sysfs> not found
errors are in my logs too, so this can't be of importance here.

I can't comment on that TypeError - maybe somebody else can?

Your kernel.log says xen version 4.1.1-rc1-pre. Since xen 4.1.1 is
already released, you might try recompiling with the release tarball.

[2011-07-02 06:42:24 2699] DEBUG (pci:1266) Caught TypeError 'ord()
expected a character, but string of length 0 found'

hth, Mark

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