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[Xen-users] vnc keymap


When I want to provision a vm (a PV with vfb) and I connect using a vnc client. The keymap is quite weird... the layout seems to be qwerty when I have an azerty kbd (am french), and if i try to type numbers I don't have expected characters.
For example '1' (Shift + & on azerty kbd) gives me a '7'

I have set keymap = fr in the misc setting of the template and the vm properly use it as xm shows:
            (vncunused 1)
            (xauthority /root/.Xauthority)
            (keymap fr)
            (location localhost:5901)
            (type vnc)
            (uuid 3e6c11f8-5d7e-4c2a-98ff-7cbc1da7a637)

numpas number seems ok with xtightvnc
|How can I make it work properly?

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