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[Xen-users] XCP Booting from SAN


We are currently running XCP 1.0 on nine servers. Each server is installed with a Emulex LightPulse fibre 4GB card that is attached to our SAN. Initially everything booted quickly and worked fine, but when we enabled multipathing and activated the extra paths on our fibre switch the servers now get 30 minutes of I/O errors on boot. After the machines start multipath works great and XCP shows our four paths correctly. My question is: Should I install the emulex driver directly to our DOM 0 and will this fix the boot problem?

One last clarification. The servers still boot, they just take 30 minutes to do so. While they are trying to boot tons of /dev/sd* errors scroll by on the screen. After the machine finishes booting the I/O errors appear to stop. 

Thanks for your time,

Martin Smith

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