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[Xen-users] Xen cannot acquire a running lock.

On a box running Debian Squeeze and Xen 4.0, I want to implement file locking so as to prevent any node of a Xen cluster from starting the same VM twice. I have configured OCFS2 and have the cluster running.

But when attempt to create a VM with locking turned on, I get an error:

Error: The VM is locked and appears to be running on host unknown. The vm is never created.

if look at xm log, I see that this message is thrown because Xen cannot acquire the lock. The error reads, something like

failed to acquire a running_lock. Status = 32512

This seems to indicate Xen is looking for a file it cannot find.

What is the problem? Do I have to configure OCFS2 locking permissions, or use the OCFS2 Distributed Lock Manager?

Thanks in advance!

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