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[Xen-users] Local Caching Q

I enabled local caching by performing the following—


   xe sr-create name-label=LocalCache type=ext  device-config:device=/dev/disk/by-id/scsi-3600508e000000000112eee24192d3105-part4

   xe host-enable-local-storage-caching host=ccb23b66-8f51-4966-9491-e836c8203df6 sr-uuid=4c4e838d-5be9-361c-844f-f4d948a3902c

   xe host-enable


In df, I can see:


                      61616140    184272  58301912   1% /var/run/sr-mount/4c4e838d-5be9-361c-844f-f4d948a3902c


For good measure, I turned off a VM I was running, and on it’s VDI performed the following operation-

xe vdi-param-set uuid=82da6cd2-c65f-4b18-826d-e2f1abec195e allow-caching=true


This VM is on an LVM-over-ISCSI SR.


Now, when I start it up, I do not see the usage increase on the LocalCache (/var/run/sr-mount/4c4e838d-5be9-361c-844f-f4d948a3902c) increase whatsoever. How do I know if it’s even being used?





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