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Re: [Xen-users] xen 4.1.1 - xl create and python in config files

2011/7/14 Sébastien RICCIO <sr@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>:
> But in the meantime I've get into other issues with xl, such as it doesn't
> support live migrations
> anymore ? It doesn't support remus which needs xend (high availability,
> clone live vm cloning on
> two hosts, no more xmlrpc daemon).

I guess this may be a bug and should be reported. I`d try sending a
report to the xen-users list about the live migration issue you are
currently experiencing. Do note that, VM virtual storage needs to be
agile, eg in an NFS/ISCSI/FC setup seen by both hosts in the same way.
Also, if the VM isn't paravirtualized, it will not migrate.

> On the other side xl seems to "support" tap:vhd block devices without
> letting the dom0 in a
> vegetative state (using xm to create a vm that uses tap2:vhd and ps -aux on
> dom0 is
> hanging, etc).

This might be a bug in blktap / tapdisk activation, run the question
thru the xen-users list and if not much help, send the  question to
the xen-devel list. If you have a serial port, it may be helpful to
log the serial output somewhere and send it to the xen-devel list.

> What will be the future of opensource xen if these features are gone with xm
> / xend ? Is that

xl is new a new and lightweight toolstack. Give it sometime and don't
despair ;-)

> an attempt to force the use of XenServer or XCP ?

XCP is an opensource toolstack which is far better than xend. XS is
opensource and has a free edition. For some uses, it might suit your

> Atthis point I don't really get what are the positive points to move from
> xm to xl. Do you ?

The positive points at the moment may not be very noticeable or
clearly known yet, but xend is only useful for home setups. It's not
made to scale.

> Best regards,
> Sébastien


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