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Re: [Xen-users] setting max memory

On 19/07/2011 17:50, Alexandre Chapellon wrote:

I know the parameter mem-max sets the maximum RAM that can be allocated
to a domU.
Beside this limit, VM has to be recreated with required memory size.

Is it possible to set the mem-max parameter without recreating VM?
xm max-mem seems to work but in fact, has no effect (at least on my
debian Lenny dom0)

If not possible to dynamicly change max-mem, Is it possible/safe/clever
to set max-mem to the maximum amount of RAM the dom0 can allocate (total
RAM - minimum dom0 RAM).


If you are going to be using these DomUs for anything even remotely serious, then I would strongly advise against dynamically resizing a Linux environment's available memory. Form personal experience, I can categorically say that this leads to a very unstable system.

Just my 2 pence


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