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[Xen-users] LiveCD will not boot on Dell R310

I cannot get the XEN Amd64 LiveCD to boot on a virgin (ie no operating
system installed) Dell Poweredge R310 server. The GRUB menu displays
correctly and if I select the XEN (first) option, the hypervisor appears
to load and then displays a full screen 'Boot Failure' message with the
error "Unable to find a medium containing a live file system". Selecting
one of the Debian kernels displays the message "i8042.c: no controller
found" and then after a long pause displays the same Boot failure

The CD is connected via SATA and the RAID controller is an H200 which
uses the mpt2sas driver support for which was not introduced until
kernel 2.6.30 but the LiveCD is trying to boot 2.6.26.

Is there an update to the LiveCD with more recent kernels? 

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