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[Xen-users] Did anybody used 'remus' in Xen4.0.1?

Hello eveyone, did anybody built Xen4.1.1?

I am working on Xen4.0.1, I am planning to implement high avaliability by 'remus', which included in Xen4.0.1, among virtual machines.

But I met some problem, I show you my project step by setp:


I enabled Intel VT in BIOS setting, and built dom0 by Xen4.0.1, kernel on CentOS5.5.

I created a Windows XP Guest OS.


//start a VM

# xm cr <vm.hvm>


//used remus created a backup machine on another physic machine

//I used 'xm list' checked the backup machine on another machine, its status is 'p'

# remus --no-net <VMID> <IP>


//destroy primary machine

# xm destroy <VMID>


at the same time, the backup VM's status transfered to  'r', but when I login the VM by vncviewer, I found the backup VM almost liked a zombie without any response and could not be operated!

Did anybody met this problem? How to addressed the problem?



Some persons told me that the Xen4.0.1 is not very stable about remus, they suggested me to use Xen4.2.1, but I cann't find Xen4.2.1. So I download Xen4.1.1 from Xen offical website.

Since I can not access internet in my office, so I should built Xen in an offline way! It is really a tough job!

Did anybody has experience about building Xen4.1.1 in an offline way? and give me some detail information about the process?


I would really pleasure if you could give some advices, thanks lot!



                                           Tiantian Liu


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