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Re: [Xen-devel] Proposed patches for Linux 3.1 kernel.

Thursday, July 21, 2011, 4:17:15 PM, you wrote:

> The 3.0 is suppose to be released today, or perhaps tomorrow.

> For 3.1 kernel we have this long list of features and bug-fixes that we are 
> going
> to ask Linus to pick up:

>  - VGA text support. Since Xen is the first payload on the bootloader it gets 
> the
>    screen information - now with this patch we can copy it from the hypervisor
>    and enjoy 80x25 old-school text output.

I assume this one will be proposed for 3.0.1 stable as well ?

>  - MODULE_ALIAS on backends so that udev will autoload them.
>  - tmem driver to shuffle file-system and swap pages between guests as 
> appropiate.
>    Runtime it is disabled unless 'tmem' parameter is supplied.
>  - self balloon driver to decrease memory in the guest and make the swap pages
>    be shuffled by tmem to be compressed/shared/etc. Runtime wise it is 
> disabled
>    by default (use 'selfballooning' to enable it and make sure you have a 
> swap disk).
>  - pciback backend. It complements the xen pci front driver which together
>    allow guests to have host's PCI devices.
>  - cleaning up the Xen PCI glue code.
>  - Fix section mismatch in Xen PCI HVM driver (xen-pci-platform).
>  - Fixes to the generic pagetable to compute precisely how many pages we need.
>  - blkback can now provide completion latency that follows the hardware's 
> completion
>    latency.
>  - PVonHVM blkfront naming fixes.
>  - Xen MMU debugfs has gotten a facelift - now it uses the tracing API.

> Please tell me or Jeremy if we are missing anything or need to chase 
> something down.

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