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[Xen-users] Re: [Xen-devel] Failure to create HVM DomU at Xen 4.1 ( kernel 3.0.0-5-generic) Ubuntu 11.10 (alpha 2)

On Sat July 23 2011 2:36:28 PM I wrote:
> However, the major problem is xl puts the tap interface on the old style 
> xenbr0 bridge, instead of the new style eth0 bridge. (Yes, I still have
> xend  running - I want both systems to operate in parallel.) And the vif
> interface is created w/o an inet6 addr, so even if I manually move tap and
> vif to the eth0 bridge with brctl, my domu still comes up with no network
> connectivity.
> Anybody found a solution to this? It probably only affects hvm domus.

Never mind. I setup a bridge with the Fedora ifcfg files. I used the bridge 
definition from Iain Kay's post at the head of the thread '[Xen-users] Xen 
4.1.0, LibXL, Bridged Networking, IPv6 Issues'. I substituted BOOTPROTO=dhcp , 
which makes BROADCAST, NETMASK, and IPADDR unnecessary. Then I added 
BRIDGE=xenbr0 to my ifcfg-eth0. Fedora did everything correctly, giving eth0's 
mac addr to the bridge, and dhcp gave the correct ip addr to the bridge since 
it had the mac addr that my router is looking for. I changed my domu config to 
use bridge=xenbr0 in the vif= line. xend happily skips setting up the eth0 
bridge / peth0 interface, since there already is a bridge with a salved 
physical interface. I didn't even have to change '(network-script 'network-
bridge netdev=eth0')' in my xend-config.sxp.

Most importantly, both xm create and xl create work correctly. Of course, 
kernel 3.0.0 is still much slower than 2.6.32.


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