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RE: [Xen-devel] xen 4.2 unstable; HVM;; HD/Network card error

hi list members,

i had several problems with my new xen installations, 4.2 unstable with
2.6.39-3 and hvm guests. I can finally say that almost all problems have
been gone :-) to  be honest I believe the kernels and 3 were the

this weekend I used the mainline 3.0.0 kernel with an actual version of xen
4.2 unstable, and here we go:

- booting of squeeze guests, ok (before hang on grub)
- booting of win 7 x64 guests, ok
- booting of win 2008r2 x64 guests, ok

the only little problem which has left is on squeeze guests.

the squeeze guest comes up until grub. but then it takes around 2 minutes
until the squeeze guest installation continues to start up. that would be
really nice get to be solved in the near future.

thanks walter

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i found the problem, if it is really a one! I will explain it step by step
what solved my problem which works for both, win7 and debian squeeze

network card / network
the guest network works brilliant only with that configuration:

auto brX
iface brX inet static
        bridge_ports    eth0
        bridge_stp      on
        bridge_maxwait  0

vif             = [ 'bridge=brX,mac=xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx' ]

strange is that I now have to configure a bridge interface. with older xen
version it was enough to setup "bridge=eth0". now I had to setup

disk controller
for a windows 7 x64 guest system I got it running with:
disk            = [
'phy:/dev/vgmain/lv_server01,hda,w','file:/var/xen/win7.iso,hdc:cdrom,r' ]

for a debian squeeze guest system I needed to change it into:
disk            = [
st.iso,hdc:cdrom,r' ]

even here is strange that debian squeeze guest's now see the qemu disk as a
"SDA". squeeze used to see qemu disk in older xen versions (< 4.2) as "HDA"
and that definitely doesn't work anymore.

I found that out having a deeper look at the debian installer log.

guy's, thank you very much for your help, had become a lot of new input's. I
hope I could give some useful feedback back to you too.

finally I only would like to know, if this SDA-behavior is now a new
behavior of xen 4.2 ++?

thanks a lot, walter

*** original guest config file ***
name            = 'server01'
kernel          = 'hvmloader'
builder         = 'hvm'
device_model    = 'qemu-dm'
maxmem          = 1024
memory          = 1024
vcpus           = 1
acpi            = 1
apic            = 1

vif             = [ 'bridge=eth0,mac=00:16:3e:1a:b3:4b' ]
#vfb            = [ 'type=vnc,vnclisten=,vncunused=0,vncdisplay=1' ]

disk            = [
st.iso,hdc:cdrom,r' ]

boot            = 'dc'
usbdevice       = 'tablet'

sdl             = 0

stdvga          = 1
serial          = 'pty'

on_poweroff     = 'destroy'
on_reboot       = 'restart'
on_crash        = 'restart'

vnc             = 1
vnclisten       = ''
vncviewer       = 1

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Subject: RE: [Xen-devel] xen 4.2 unstable; HVM;; HD/Network card

On Tue, 19 Jul 2011, Walter Robert Ditzler wrote:
> hi stefano,
> hi konrad,
> thanks for replying :-) i followed your suggestions and changed the 
> guest config file. I have now the following test szenario:
> server01 > should be a debian squeeze 6.0.1a amd64 netinst 
> installation
> server02 > is a successfully installed windows 7 x64 installation
> bellow I paste the both config files. as you can see from the screen
> server01 installation
> *********************
> sh11: server01_debian-installer-1.JPG
> sh12: server01_debian-installer-2.JPG
> sh13: server01_debian-installer-3.JPG
> the debian installation has some difficulties to find a harddisk. 
> strange is, that the networkcard was found straight away and I became 
> a dhcp lease from my infrastructure.
> server02 installation
> *********************
> sh21: server02_xen_win7.JPG
> the windows has been successfully installed onto my xen guest, but!!!!!
> Q U E S T I O N S
> *****************
> - why do I see my server HP DL320G5 network card and disk controller?
> - I thought, HVM means fully virtualized?! I expected to see something 
> like qemu/xen harddrive and qemu/xen network card!?
> - Is here my xen really doing HVM
> - how can I do HVM, I need my guests to be transferred to any 
> different hw boxes without need to deal with guest disk and network 
> card

What exactly are the network card and disk controller that you are seeing in
your guests?

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