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[Xen-users] XCP and iscsi lun

Hello All,
I have a XCP pool with four hosts running close 50 virtual machines. I
am using solaris 11 as the back end storage provider with the comstar
service as the iscsi server. I am using the vdi-to-lun approach, where
I create a new lun for each vdi. We are running into issues where one
or two of the the vm servers will report the error "VDI not available"
after creating a new vdi and attaching it to a new VM. I have been
able to figure out that i need to run iscsiadm -m node -R and xe
sr-scan uuid=<uuid of sr> this works 80% of the time. However I
sometimes get it to the point where two hosts will report this issue
and no matter what, the vm will not start on these systems. However, i
can start it without an issue on the pool master. This could be
because I use these two machines the most out of the pool. I have
tried the above commands as well as xe-toolstack-restart to no avail.
In order for everything to operate properly, I have to reboot the two
machines, and then everything runs as normal. One use case could be
the fact that it seems like this problem occurs more after I remove a
vm from the storage array and I create a new one with the same Lun id
as the one that was destroyed. Do I need to do vdi forget on every
single vdi before removing it from the SAN? I saw this forum post that
is a similar issue, however not the same way of generating the issue.


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