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Re: [Xen-users] DVB tuner not working in PV guest

Simon Hobson wrote:

I found the card worked in Dom0 with Xen loaded. After some trial and error I realised I'd made two mistakes in my config.

1) I'd used "pciback.hide ..." instead of the newer "xen-pciback.hide ..." loading Dom0 kernel.

2) Then in DomU I needed to use "iommu=soft" and not "swiotlb=force"

Spoke too soon :(

It *was* working, then I upgraded the memory in the server. After a morning spent trying various permutations*, I've determined that my setup works with 1G or 4G RAM, but not with 5G or 8G. Any suggestions what I'm missing ? IS there something I need to change with >4G RAM ?

To recap, I'm trying to run MythTV in a PV guest with one HVR-1200 DVB Tuner made available via pciback.hide. Xen, Dom0, DomU all from Debian stable (Squeeze) - Xen 4.0.1, kernel 2.6.32-xen.
AND64 - HP Proliant Microserver

Simon Hobson

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