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Re: [Xen-users] Is possible use guest machines inside Xen from the host machine

Paul Macfin wood wrote:

Im really new to Xen and was searching about, i found this forum entry telling that is impossible access the guests directly from the host, there is someone telling it may be possible with Xen inside VirtualBox. The Forum post is the following : http://serverfault.com/questions/298817/is-possible-use-guest-machines-inside-xen-from-the-host-machine

Not quite sure what's being said there. When you fire up a guest, it's just like having another machine on the network. Assuming the network is set up correctly, that new machine will "just appear" and can be accessed with any tools a real machine could be accessed with (eg SSH and so on).

If you need to access a "console" (wether text or graphical) then obviously the virtual machine doesn't have a socket on the back to connect a monitor to. Depending on the setup, you may have a VNC server with a virtual graphical console in it, or you may be limited to a text console which can be accessed with the correct Xen tools (I'm still using the older tools so "xm console <domain>" will connect me to a text console of a PV guest).

Simon Hobson

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