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Re: [Xen-users] Restarting xend while domU are running

Bertrand LUPART wrote:

- xend 3.2.1 crashed on Dom0 and didn't restarted (xend.log below)
- DomU are still running

- Is it safe to restart xend while DomU are still running? Won't xend
try to start allready running DomU and mess up stuff?
- Is it safer to log into each DomU and shutdown it manually before
restarting xend?

Due to a bug in the combination of Xen and kernel I've been running, I've often had to restart xend with guests running. The process had been :
guest 'hangs' with 100% CPU usage
stop xend
kill xenconsoled
start xend
guest 'comes back to life'

So I'd say it's generally safe - but *don't* stop/restart xenstored !

However, while playing around with Xen4.0, I did find a setting to "shutdown guests when stopping xend" - I haven't experimented yet as to how that affects the situation.

Simon Hobson

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