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[Xen-users] shared HD

Hello all,


I have 2 domU running. On both domU I have 1 HD for that machine only and another second one shared between those 2, wich means I have 3 virtualized HD on total and the third shared HD is currently on RAM memory(I know, turning off would lose data and all those stuff. I have taken care of that alread). Also, on both machines I did chmod 777 -R mountPoint. I can see files created by the other machine on that HD if I umount and mount again, I can also open and edit it, but if I edit an existing file or creat a new one, the changes only take effect on the other machine if I umount and mount again on that machine. Is there any way to changes take effect without doind umount and mount?


If not, there is any way to creat an direct shared resource for those machines being mounted on main memory via host?


Thanks in advance,


Andre Pfeiffer

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