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Re: [Xen-users] XCP source disk iso

On 16/08/11 01:30, Errol Neal wrote:
> Hi. The Readme for the disk says that it includes the sources for ocaml but 
> there aren't any on the iso. Any thoughts? I'm having a helluva time getting 
> these packages to compile and perhaps using the ocaml sources on that iso 
> could help. 
> Thanks.
If you're trying to get xapi and xen-api-libs compiling on Debian, then
you're best bet is to use the xapi-autobuilder repository on Jon
Ludlam's github (https://github.com/jonludlam/xapi-autobuilder). This
will pull in all the proper source repositories and build the
dependencies for you using pbuilder. You can read the Makefile and
build.sh script to see what it's doing behind the scenes.

I wouldn't bother trying to build xapi from the sources on the source CD
anyway. Those sources are for the 3.4.3 hypervisor and don't have any of
the patches that we've added to make it easier to build xapi.

Please don't get discouraged when trying to build xapi. It really is
difficult right now, and we're trying our best to make it easier. Let us
know if you have any more questions.


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