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[Xen-users] XCP : No networking from domu

Hi all, apologies if this is the wrong place to post-

I recently got interested in Xen Cloud Platform, so downloaded the 1.1Beta release, installed, got used to the commands and the interface etc. etc.

Got domUs based on debian squeeze 32 bit, up and running, with a vnc console attached, however I have no network connectivity from my domUs to anything else.

I created vifs on the domU which plugged into xenbr0 network which I figure is all I had to do looking at the various tutorials out there. vif is successfully plugged in

The domU eth0 interface is up, has a manually configured IP address (The host itself has ip so I've used which i know is free for the domU with as the gateway- same as host)

However trying to connect anywhere from within the domU reveals connection refuseds or no route to hosts.

Connecting anywhere from dom0 works fine.

Havent tried ping because debian rescue (busybox) doesnt include it, just wget and nc)

If anyone could help or suggest lines of investigation, would really appreciate it, been stumped on this one and all from a fresh install.


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