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Re: [Xen-users] XCP GUI management

installed of openxencenter try xenwebmanager same idea just web based

On Wed, Aug 17, 2011 at 6:20 PM, <brooks@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:


Take a look at cloudstack.org.


On Wed, 17 Aug 2011, Grant McWilliams wrote:

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After planning for a year to move my Xen 3.4 classrooms to XCP I'm now
making an effort. With the old system I wrote many lines of bash scripts
around the xm command to group and manage my VMs. I used sudo to grant
privileges for each student to start, stop, console into, reboot, and wipe
their VMs without any interaction from me. Now with XCP I had the hope of
moving to the next level and having a web interface for each student to
manage their VMs with.

After digging through the lists of Management tools on the Xen XCP page I've
come to the conclusion that we don't have ONE good one. OpenXenManager looks
to be the best but is very flaky and has to be installed on the client
(Windows in my case). After following links to the OpenXenWebManager I see
it hasn't been updated in a year. Both projects seem to be in limbo. XVP
seems to be stable but doesn't actually do a lot or at least I haven't
discovered everything it does.

XCCS although actively developed up to last year seemed to have everything I
want but after I blew a few hours trying to get it to work and digging
through it's code I've decided that it's a mess. No offense to the gentleman
who made it but using BASH to echo html tags to standard out is not quite
the way I want to go. Having 10,000 lines of such BASH scripts borders on

My needs are multi-tenancy so a student can bring up some sort of gui and
manage their own VM. Manage in the sense of start, stop, reboot, console and
snapshot. We can install software on the Windows classroom machines but it
can't be a complex install and the license needs to be at least free.

Any suggestions? Having students "fix" their own VMs is crucial. Not giving
them full admin rights to ALL VMs is also crucial.

Grant McWilliams

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