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[Xen-users] Xen bridge swallowing packets?

Hi, can anyone help me with this (weirdest problem Ive ever seen)

I have the latest Debian Squeeze vendor xen dom0 kernel and 1 domU succesfully installed on it using bridged networking. From dom0, I can ping/telnet etc. to anywhere on the web

* From my domU I can successfully ping google.com and telnet to (googles dns server)
* tcpdump vif1.0 and I see SYNs and ACKs
* tcpdump peth0 and I see corresponding SYNs and ACKs

* However I cannot telnet to google.com:80 - connection refused
* When I TCPDump vif1.0 I see SYNs followed by RST,ACK sent from dom0
* There are no packets leaving or entering on peth0 at all - so they dont get out onto the network

All my iptables rules are all ACCEPT rules, and the policys are all ACCEPT. IE there is no iptables rule in either INPUT, FORWARD, OUTPUT, PREROUTING or POSTROUTING that does anything other than accept. This is the case for both dom0 and domU

Can anyone shed any light on this mysterious behaviour? Why would googles dns server work but http server not? Is there something I've forgotten?


Geoff Meakin

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