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[Xen-users] NFS goes down, XEN hangs

Hello All,


We’re seeing an interesting behavior in our homol infrastructure. The test bed is:


-          3 Hosts (M610 Blades) with XENSOURCE 4.1 over CentOS (it’s reproductible with 4.02, 4.1.1, etc) – XEN1 to XEN3

-          2 servers acting as NFS servers hosting Windows and Linux DOMUs (Server1 and Server2)


Each XEN has DOMUs running from both Server1 and Server2 (for example, 4 DOMUs running from Server1 and 4 DOMUs running from Server2). DOMUs are both Windows PV-on-HVM and Linux PV-on-HVM (no PV images)


Everything works very well until we shutdown one of the Servers (Server1, for example). As expected, the associated DOMUs stops completely until we turn Server1  on again.


Now, here’s the funny thing: Some of the XEN HOSTS stop working completely! A simple “w” command issued in bash hangs until we issue a CONTROL C. The only solution is to restart the whole server.


We still could not found out some pattern. We expected at least the Server2’s DOMUs keep running even if the Server1’s DOMUs go offline, but no luck.


Has anybody here seen this ? Many thanks !    



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