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Re: [Xen-users] newbie questions: copying and cloning xen vm

Andrea Monti wrote:

I managed to use logical volumes as guests partition, so I can use LVM-snapshot on dom0 to do hot-backups of my VMs and I use nested lvm on domU to manage disks and partitions.

Just as long as you realise that your "backups" are in fact almost certainly corrupted to some extent or other. Wether that is an issue for you depends heavily on the type of operations your DomU does. If it's "write-little" and has journalled filesystems then it's probably not serious. If it's "write-heavy", and especially if it runs applications that do their own caching (like DBs), then it could be more serious.

Your snapshot has a state somewhat akin to what you'd have if you just yanked the power cord on a bare-metal server.

Simon Hobson

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