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[Xen-users] Network problems (Xen 4 +Debian Squeze 64bits).

Hi guys,

    i have 4 Xen servers, two with Xen 3.2.1 and the other two with Xen 4. All four servers with 3 network card attached to different networks, 3 of these interfaces are bridges (configured in the '/etc/network/interfaces' config file, NOT in xend-config.sxp file) and one is used for the ISCSI service, where the virtual machines are loaded.
    The problem is, when i try to create/shutdown/destroy a HVM virtual machine, i lost connection with the Dom0 (via ssh) for a few seconds, in very rare cases, for couple of minutes.
    The virtual machines (HVM) have a mac-address (already cheched that they are totally different) attached to them.
    The access that i lose when executing the create/shutdown/destroy command is with the Dom0 (connected with ssh) but sometimes, a few virtual machines (HVM) lose its connection too, machines that i wasn't even working with.
    The network cards are Intel PRO 1000 using the e1000 or e1000e modules.
    Have anyone experienced this problems?

Best regards,
Tony M.
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