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Re: [Xen-users] Kernel parameter to emulate hdd, connected to xen vm, as sda and not hda

Alexander Egorov wrote:

I am having several vm's which are booting with different kernels:
2.6.31(Suse) and 2.6.32(CentOS).
In case with 2.6.31(Suse), the hdd, connected to vm is emulated as
hda, with 2.6.32(CetnOS) - as sda.
What rules such behaviour?
I tried to look through the kernel option, but did not find anything obvious.

Dunno about the question itself, but I thought both had been deprecated some time ago and should now be xvda.

Err, having another look, isn't it set in your "disk=" line ?
disk    = [ 'phy:/dev/vg/something,xvda1,w', ...

Simon Hobson

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