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Re: [Xen-users] guest to guest communication

2011/8/24, Achala Aryal <arya2595@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>:
> Hi all:

> How can we set up guest to guest communication?I have : xen4.0 with ubuntu
> 10 as dom0 hvm domuintel i7 with vt-d enable
> two nic card, each on each vm
> I want to do some communication between two virtual machine. How can I do
> that? I did some research but could not find answer.Anyone please...and also

You may use the vif already assigned to the domU.
Particularly, when I need only to communicate domUs within the same
dom0 I create a separate bridge in dom0 which is connected to a dummy
interface there (not a physical one), so that communication happens
only within dom0's domUs. Each domU is assigned an extra interface
which is connected to that bridge. This is independent from any other
network configuration and should not interfere with anything. Dom0 can
also use the bridge.

> share memory in xen??? how we implement this??

What do you mean by that? One thing I can think of is having assigned
to domUs a total memory which is greater than the available or
allowed. When one domU requests memory which is still not allocated to
it then some memory is ballooned out and assigned to the omU to
satisfy the request. You may be interested in resource pools as well
for XEN >= 4.

Diego Augusto Molina

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