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[Xen-users] CLI VM Creation on XenServer??

In the past, as I mentioned yesterday in a different post, I had a
fully scripted setup that allowed me to ssh onto a Xen Dom0 and create
DomUs on the fly without needing to use any sort of GUI control

However, I'm now tasked with using XenServer, which functions a bit
differently.  It's more like VMWare ESX.  Citrix is telling me that I
have to use XenCenter to control and create DomUs, however, that's not
necessarily a viable solution.  I need to be able to at least start
and stop DomUs from the XenServer's shell.  The xm-* tools don't exist
on XenServer, so are there analogues to these tools for XenServer?

Any other suggestions for doing this (we use scripts to log into a
host machine and start/stop VMs and have done this for a long time on
VMWare, and I did it forever on Xen on RHEL, now I just need to do it
for XenServer.

Thanks for the help.


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