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RE: [Xen-users] Yet Another PCI passthrough question

On Wed, 2011-08-31 at 16:29 -0500, Beasley, Julien wrote:
> Thank you for the reply James,
> I tried following your script, but even then something seems to be missing.
> # lspci
> 03:00.0 VGA compatible controller: ATI Technologies Inc Device 671d
> 03:00.1 Audio device: ATI Technologies Inc Device aa80
> 04:00.0 Display controller: ATI Technologies Inc Device 671d
> 04:00.1 Audio device: ATI Technologies Inc Device aa80
> I'm assuming at this point that <PCI-ID> is 04:00.0 and 03.00.0
> # find /sys/bus/pci/drivers -name 0000:04:00.0
> then returns no results. 
> Also, regarding modprobe pciback, I did a grep in the modules directory for 
> the term "pciback" and no results are shown
> # grep pciback /lib/modules/
> # 
> Is this indicative of something missing? I appreciate your help! I'm not 
> trying a scsi device, simply getting my video card to pass through.

If the find command doesn't find anything, then there is not a specific
driver in use, so I believe you would be able to run the last two
commands giving the device to pciback. 
echo -n "0000:04:00.0" > "/sys/bus/pci/drivers/pciback/new_slot"
echo -n "0000:04:00.0" > "/sys/bus/pci/drivers/pciback/bind"

As far as pciback module, I also get no results fro the grep command
either, but try this. 

"lsmod | grep pciback" and verify it is not loaded. 
Then do "modprobe pciback" and redo "lsmod | grep pciback". If you now
see it loaded you should be good to go. 

After loading pciback, and running the two commands above, do lspci -v.
Find the device in question, 04:00.0, and the driver in use should be

If so, then try passing it to your VM. 


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