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[Xen-users] RE: Question about NFS domUs

Sorry, but I don't understand what you are trying to explain... 

Every time a domU is created using "xen-create-image", a partition in LVM of
the central node is created. So, I don't use file images. In order to start
this virtual machines in diskless nodes, I use the next lines, and for
paravirtualization it works, but mysteriously for hvm not:

/root        = '/dev/nfs' 
nfs_server  = 'chucknorris.i2cat.net' 
nfs_root    = '/mnt/virtuals/natty'/

In hvm, when I try to start the domain with: xm create
/etc/xen/natty.i2cat.net.cfg -c. The ouptut lines are:

/Using config file "/etc/xen/natty.i2cat.net.cfg".
Error: Domain 'natty.i2cat.net' does not exist./

I don't understand it... any idea??


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