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RE: [Xen-users] Problem with Windows on Xen

>     I am currently running three different machines with Xen and have
> DomU's on server 1 and server 2.  I trying to run a new instance of
> 2000 on Server 2 (I'll include the specs below), but every time the
> gets to "registering components" portion, the installation restarts. I
try the
> install on my workstation and it does the same thing.  Installing
Windows XP
> and same issue on both machines.  on server 1, everything installs
fine.  Both
> servers and the workstation are Debian Squeeze installed from
bootstrap with
> almost identical installs.
>     I have searched for similar situations on Google and the forums,
but have
> come up empty handed.  Only thing I can see from /var/log/xen/qemu-dm-
> rasfs.log is the last line says track_dirty_vram(f0000000, 26) failed
>      Any help would be apprecitated on how to resolve this.

What version of Xen?


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