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Re: [Xen-users] Root filesystem on NFS


you just need to enable network autoconfiguration in "Networking Support -> Networking Options -> IP: kernel level autoconfiguration" and the used technique (no additional options for static configuration, usually DHCP otherwise).

After you enabled this option, "File systems -> Network File Systems -> Root file system on NFS " should appear (I recommend to build-in your network driver and all required NFS and IP options).

Remember that booting with NFS root file system this way is only possible with NFSv3, NFSv4 requires lots of additional work and an initrd.


Am 13.09.2011 08:51, schrieb Antonio Colin:
Hello everyone,

I'd like to know if linux 3.1.0 comes with NFS root filesystem support enabled by default,
because I have tried #make menuconfig and within File Systems->Network File Systems >
There is no  - Root filesystem on NFS -  option available. How can I add the support
separetedly if not included?

Thanks you a lot!

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